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Use Real Science From NASA To Terraform Planets!
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The description of TerraGenesis – Space Settlers APK Download
Use real technology from NASA to cultivate existence on desolate planets. Think you have got what it takes to convey a lifeless planet to life? Can you compromise the celebrities?

Explore area and terraform new worlds in this immersive idle planet building simulator rooted in actual technology. TerraGenesis dynamically animates complete planets with converting biospheres, all based totally on actual data from NASA.TerraGenesis – Space Settlers APK Download

The universe is your playground in TerraGenesis – Space Settlers APK Download ! With idle gameplay you can domesticate actual planets in our solar machine, planets created only for TerraGenesis or even alien worlds! When the world is in your hands, the opportunities are genuinely infinite. If you’re partial to astronomy, idle video games, or aid control games, you may love TerraGenesis – Space Settlers APK Download ! Download and begin terraforming nowadays!

TerraGenesis – Space Settlers APK Download

– Join one of four interstellar Factions, each with distinctive blessings for building interstellar settlements
– Build whole worlds one step at a time, via creating pressurized habitats in your settlers to be able to live on in hostile environments
– Terraform your planet to aid human life by way of managing precise resources of each global, along with air stress, oxygen, sea degrees, and biomass
– Melt ice caps to create planet-huge oceans and seed the planet with existence
– Track your civilization’s idle progress and your international’s modern-day repute with the Stats Summary Page

– Learn astronomy and settle planets from our solar gadget, inclusive of Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars!
– Terraform orbital satellites, such as The Moon as well as the Moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
– Build civilizations on fictional planets, including Bacchus, Ragnarok, Pontus, Lethe and Boreas
– Terraform Dwarf Planets, including Ceres, Pluto, Charon, Makemake, Eris and Sedna
– Discover misplaced secrets and techniques on Trappist-1 planets, inclusive of Damu, Aja, Huanca, Ruaumoko, Asintmah, Ostara, Aranyani
– Travel through time inside the Historical Earths campaign, together with Vaalbara, Rodinia, Cambria, Cretacea, Dania, Chibania, and Ultima
– Generate random worlds with entire surface and elevation maps, unique beginning conditions and more

– Start with 26 special phyla and upload 64 specific genes to create all forms of top notch organisms to inhabit your world
– Manage your lifeforms as they thrive in both terrestrial and aquatic biospheres

– Discover distant planets in outer space with thriving alien civilizations.
– Choose among making peace or conquering the alien lifeforms.
– Carry out dozens of missions and build your new world based totally in your alien strategy.

– Save your civilization and shield your flourishing planet from the threat of an asteroid attack
– Build a planetary defense network to detect giant asteroids in area, provoke missions to wreck the danger, change the asteroid’s direction or develop new strategies to live to tell the tale positive doom.

– Insanity now comes with an on/off switch; flick a transfer to show present worlds flat.
– Build a flat earth or construct other flat planets from our solar machine or throughout the universe!
– Hilarious random events specific to flat earth mode!

TerraGenesis is unfastened to play and as an indie sport; it was vital to us that all in-app purchases are entirely non-compulsory and now not required for a full and complete enjoy.

What's new

We’ve made a bunch of behind-the-scenes enhancements and bug fixes based on the feedback that you provided. Thanks for playing and as always, happy terraforming!


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TerraGenesis - Space Settlers APK Download

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4 comments on "TerraGenesis – Space Settlers APK Download"

  1. Rosemary Flanagan says:

    Really great app that lets you do your part to help the planet by planting trees. Ads are optional in the free version and allow you to get stuff for the game. Lately my touch screen has not been working within the app, even after the lastest update. This lasts for hours or days. If they could fix this bug, it would be 5 stars.

  2. Lauren Eno says:

    Don’t bother with this game if you’re currently using an Android phone! I had a lot of fun playing this game until fairly recently. The last couple of updates have been buggy to the point of being game-breaking. In particular, any choice that you make to allow your planet’s population to grow seems to disable all random cultural events, causing gameplay to grind to a halt unless you uninstall+reinstall the whole game or use “Genesis points” (a second money source bought by ads or real-world $)

  3. Nathan B says:

    Usually enjoy this game a lot, however, the latest update (on android) has caused several issues. Population growth does not happen, building timers may pause when exited from the game, making milestones near unattainable. Hopefully these issues are resolved soon.

  4. Joshua Wyrosdick says:

    I love the game the one knock off point is because I got to the point of habitatability on the moon and I disabled my habitations to save money, my population was increasing anyway so I was like yea cool, so then my cities abandoned and I got left with nothing and when I tried to redo the cites I got hit with rising sea levels and now I am fighting for survival. Other that that the game is cool being able to terraform planets.

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